Payday lending: the chapter meets with members and staff of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the U.S. Congress to prevent legislative changes in state and federal law that would make payday lending in Pennsylvania profitable. This includes joining a statewde coalition to prevent bill passage, testifying before various committees, meeting legislators and/or their staff in their offices and briefing staff members in a conference room format.


MOAA Members can add their support to national legislative efforts by joining the write in campaign to Congressional representatives on line through the MOAA website.  See below:

1.         Go to – and then log in with user name and password.

2.         Click on “Advocacy” and then “Legislative Action Center.”

3.         Review the list under “Active Legislative Campaigns.”

4.         Click on “Write” located to the right of each legislative initiative you want to address.

5.         Complete your personal information, select chapter ID: PA03 and then select “Submit”

6.         After you review the letters to be sent to your individual representatives select “Submit” at the bottom of the letters.  Note:  Individual letters may be edited as desired.

Current Active Legislative Campaigns

Share Your Story: Impact of TRICARE Pharmacy Network Changes

Will you be impacted when community pharmacies leave the TRICARE network? Please share your story.           


Help MOAA Fight Cuts to the TRICARE Pharmacy Network

Urge your elected officials to take action to reverse cuts to the TRICARE Pharmacy network.

Urge Your Legislators to Support Concurrent Receipt

It’s the start of a new Congress, and any legislation not signed into law during the previous Congress will need to be reintroduced. So contact your representative and senators and urge them to support the Major Richard Star Act, which would provide concurrent receipt for servicemembers unable to complete 20 years of service due to combat-related injuries.


Tell Congress You Oppose TRICARE for Life Fees

Urge your elected officials to oppose proposals for TRICARE for Life enrollment fees and out-of-pocket cost requirements.

Ask Your Lawmakers to Support the Expanding America’s National Cemetery Act

Help MOAA stay in the middle of this important conversation – Contact your elected officials and urge them to support the Expanding America’s National Cemetery Act.


Ask Your Lawmakers to Support the Retain Skilled Veterans Act

This bipartisan legislation would end the so-called “180-day rule,” which imposes a waiting period on those leaving service before they can take on certain types of DoD civilian employment. Many of these jobs are empty as qualified applicants with security clearances are forced to look elsewhere to start their careers.

Legislative Liaison: Diane Stackhouse,